Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lisa Visits with Peanut Free Planet

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Peanut Free Planet is just one of the companies that are providing product for your family to try in our deluxe gift bag. Lisa sat down with the owners, Heather and Brian Selwa to learn a little more about their business.

Q. What made you decide to start an allergen free company?
Peanut Free Planet was born on a plane ride back from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to Indianapolis, Indiana. Brian and Heather had been married for 4 months and were visiting her family in Canada. Heather was packing a suitcase full of safe Candy to give to her patients and to give out for Halloween. Brian was confused as to why Heather was bringing 50 pounds of Candy back to the U.S., as he was sure Indiana had not run out of Halloween Candy. Heather explained to Brian the difficulty finding safe treats for Halloween in the U.S. Heather experienced several inconvenient food allergies in her life and has always had a soft spot in her heart for those with food allergies. Brian, who has a degree in Marketing, did the market research and found that not only was it difficult but there were not as many choices as in Canada for peanut free items. On the plane ride back, they decided they should start a company to provide safe snacks to those with allergies.

Q. So does Brian have allergies?
No, and that is good, because he can taste test products with gluten against their gluten free counterparts and make sure the taste is good, not just good enough.

Q. What are your favorite products?
Heather – Miniature coffee crisp bars and Pepitas
Brian – Chocolate anything!

Q. What new products should we look out for?
Chocolate covered pretzels, YUM!

You learn more about Peanut Free Planet and buy their products on their website at http://www.peanutfreeplanet.com/ and look on our website for coupons from Peanut Free Planet coming soon.

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