Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh, breading, how I missed you!

Alerting all allergenistas! As you know, among the first things to go when you’re diagnosed with wheat allergies are pizza, pasta and of course, those fried-battered dishes. If you’re like me, you’ve had more than your fill of soggy breading over the years.

Well, now there’s a solution.

Say hello to Choice Batter, which was developed by Crisp Tek, a Maryland-based company that proudly markets itself as five guys with a fryer.

I nabbed a sample at last month’s Thrive Allergy & Gluten-Free Expo and I can’t say enough good things about it.

It produces a nice, crispy texture. Plus, it’s easier on your waistline, as it absorbs up to 50% less oil and has fewer calories than conventional batter. And most importantly, it’s free of the 8 major allergens and gluten and was produced in a dedicated facility.

You’ll soon learn that you can enjoy Choice Batter in so many recipes, such as deep fried apples and pears, or cream of mushroom soup.

Beginning June 1, Choice Batter can be purchased online at It can also be found locally at stores in the Howard County, Maryland-area.


FoodAllergyMom said...

I'm so excited I wanna scream! I have been trying to make fried foods for over 3 years now and never with much success. Thank you so much for this product info!!!

Lisa Cooks Allergen Free said...

Glad you like it, I'll keep digging for new products to try!