Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Presents for the Holiday Season for Your Little Allergenistas and a Great Place to Shop for Allergen Friendly Foods and Holiday Gift Baskets

A great stocking stuffer for little ones, Aroma Dough is Gluten Free made with 100% organic, wheat-free rice flour, sodium, water, moisturizing oils, natural aromas (no perfumes). It DOES NOT contain nuts, nut oils, perfumes, soy, dairy products or wheat.

Next up is another clothing item, it is just so cute, I couldn’t resist. Who says you can’t share your allergen message and still be stylish? Theresa Marie Green, owner of Allergy Apparel and mother of two children, one with a severe nut allergy, wanted her line to be “hip, functional, and educational”. Why skulls and crossbones? “Other than the cool factor, they are a reminder that nuts, wheat, eggs, dairy, gluten, shellfish, and other foods can be poison to a child.” I know what you are thinking… yes, they have adult sizes too! Allergy Apparel is having a promo offering FREE shipping on orders over $75. A 10% discount is also available when you sign up for their email updates, private sales, and coupons.

Last but not least, I visited Lil’s Dietary Specialty Shop in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood yesterday. Owner, Marcie Harvey, coins her shop “where everyone is special” and she is right. Marcie took me all over the store, offered me samples of products and helped me handpick products specific to my allergen needs. What’s even better, if you don’t live in the area, you can call and Marcie will help you put together your order and make recommendations based on your tastes and allergens. Lil’s ships all over the world including Europe, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. What impressed me the most was the large selection of dry and frozen goods.

Below is just a couple of the great allergen alternatives available at Lil’s Dietary Specialty Shop.

Visit Lil’s Dietary Specialty Shop at 2738 W. 111 Street, Chicago, IL 60655 or go online and shop, get a 10% discount using code: Lisacooks. Thanks Marcie!

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Betsy said...

Those clothes are so cute!!

And I love Lil's! It's my favorite place to shop for all my gluten free goodies! I love being able to sample the products and of course get their recommendations on "what's good" Glad you were able to check it out!