Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chill out Allergenistas with these fun smoothies!

It’s hot outside and the pool just isn’t doing the trick, so whip up some tasty smoothies for your kids and if you are home alone with your special someone, add your favorite spirit to these great summertime drinks. Use these drinks as a starting point, there are so many wonderful fresh fruits available this time of year, or use a fruit nectar, like in our Peach Icy recipe below, if you are tight on time but want to make something a little fun. Enjoy!

Creamy Banana Strawberry Smoothie
Serves 2
This sweet treat resembles a strawberry banana shake but without the dairy!

½ cup rice milk
1 tablespoon agave nectar
1/8 teaspoon vanilla
1 banana
4 strawberries
1 cup ice

Mix in blender until thoroughly blended and ice is crushed.

Peach Icy
Serves 2
This icy is sweet and peachy, makes me feel like I am in Atlanta!

2 cups ice
½ cup peach nectar
1/8 cup simple syrup*

Add all ingredients to blender and mix until smooth.

*simple syrup is equal parts sugar and water by weight cooked until sugar dissolves.


Scotty said...

I assume soymilk can be substituted for the rice milk also? Also allergic to rice. : (

Scotty said...

I assume one could substitute soymilk for the rice milk? I'm also allergic to rice. : (

Lisa Cooks Allergen Free said...

Hey Scotty,
You can absolutely use soy milk, i only use rice, because my recipes are free of the 8 major allergens and gluten. You can also use almond milk, if you like that, I believe the almond milk is a little thicker than the soy and rice milks. Try other fruits with the simple syrup, you can also make a killer lemonade with the simple syrup...