Friday, August 6, 2010

Lisa Visits Lincolnshire Gourmet

I have been dying to get up to Highland Park to visit with Terri Rogers, the chef at Lincolnshire Gourmet and developer of the NoOodle. I first had the NoOodle at ZED 451 in one of the salads on their harvest tables. This product is just amazing, it’s made of water, yam flour and lime and tastes like a cellophane noodle. It goes great with traditional pasta sauces and stir frys. It gets even better, there are no calories, no net carbs or preservatives.

Alivia and I drove North on I-94 to the charming and bustling Highland Park. Lincolnshire Gourmet is located on Central Avenue and from the moment you walk up to the door, you feel welcome and comfortable. The first thing you see as you enter the outdoor dining area are these huge fire pits with seating all around, I can imagine the interesting conversations and connections that were made over a cocktail or two.

We arrived right at lunch time and the restaurant was quite busy. We sat outside under the tented area that was bright and cheery with a pleasant breeze filtering through the dining room. The menu is so fun, Both Liv and I had the build your own NoOodle meal. You choose the toppings including sauces, veggies and garnishes. I had the NoOodle with Marina sauce, roasted tomatoes, yellow squash, red peppers, onions and chicken. The vegetables were so fresh and the sauce had just the right amount of kick, a lovely light meal. The NoOodle’s lighter texture doesn’t weigh you down like a traditional wheat based pasta would.
Liv had ginger soy, carrots, spinach, yellow squash, mushrooms, pine nuts and cilantro, we both were happy diners and new fans of both the NoOodle and Lincolnshire Gourmet! By the way, ALL the desserts at Lincolnshire Gourmet are gluten free!

Terri was kind enough to share the NoOodle with the allergenistas at the Safe & Sound dinner, a sample pack of this precooked product is perfect for taking to the office, or on trips where finding a safe meal is challenge.


Betsy said...

You found NooOdles!!! I just emailed the company earlier this week asking where I can find them (I read about them on Hungry Girl!!)

Looks delicious!!

Lisa Cooks Allergen Free said...

They are at Whole Foods Market! Remind me to give you a sample on Saturday...