Friday, January 9, 2009

Lisa Shops for Gluten Free Products – What Other Ingredients Mean Gluten...and Tasty Meatballs

When I first was diagnosed with food allergies, I knew I couldn’t eat gluten, but what did that really mean? Well, it means a lot more than just gluten when it came to reading food labels, that’s for sure.

Below, I gathered a list of other ingredients or products that could possibly contain wheat or gluten. If you see these, you are going to have to dig a little more, call or email the manufacturer, you may have to be persistent, they aren’t always in a hurry to reply. In future posts, I will tackle other allergens and hidden ingredients to look for. If you have some to add to this list, send me a comment and I will add them, we all learn together. This list comes from several sources, I got some from my doctor, Dr. H. Martha Howard ( and also some from the

Abyssian Hard
Barley Flour
Barley Malt
Beer Bleached All Purpose Flour
Bouillon Cubes or Powder
Brown Flour
Caramel Color
Cereal Binding
Cereal Extract
Cracker Meal
Delactosed Whey
Demineralized Whey
Durum Flour
Edible Starch
Food Starch
Gelatinized Starch
Graham Flour
Granary Flour
Ground Spices
Hydrolyzed Oat Starch
Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Malt Syrup
Malt Vinegar
Modified Starch
Oat Flour
Pastry Flour
Pearl Barley
Rice Malt
Rice Syrup
Rye Flour
Semolina Flour
Soba Noodles
Sprouted Flour
Teriyaki Sauce
Vegetable Gum
Whey Hydrolysate
Whole Meal Flour

On to something to eat, enjoy!

Jumbo Meatballs
Serves 4-6

Add these meatballs to your next rice pasta dish or just eat them alone, great for kids to snack on.

1 pound ground beef
½ pound ground pork
¼ cup rice milk
equivalent 1 egg
¼ cup rice breadcrumbs
¼ cup onion, chopped
1 tablespoon ketchup
2 tablespoons flat leaf Italian parsley, chopped
1½ teaspoons Kosher salt
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
¼ cup bacon drippings
¼ cup beef broth
¼ cup rice flour (if you want gravy)

Mix all ingredients except bacon drippings and beef broth.
Shape into 1½-inch balls.
Refrigerate at least one hour.
Pre-heat sauté pan over medium-high heat and add bacon drippings.
Brown meatballs in pan and add beef broth, add cover.
Reduce heat to low and simmer 45 minutes or until meat is cooked.
If you want gravy, remove meatballs and slowly add rice flour to mixture.

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