Monday, October 26, 2009

BOKA Menu Finally Revealed & SWIRLZ Cupcakes bringing dessert!

Take a look at this amazing, flavorfully inventive menu Chef Giuseppe Tentori has created especially for next week’s Safe & Sound Dinnerour last dinner for 2009 -- next Monday, November 2nd at Chicago hot-spot BOKA.

Our Safe & Sound Dinners challenge top local chefs to create a special, one-night-only menu just for us, free of gluten and as many of “The Big 8” allergens as possible. It’s a fun and lively group dining experience, a great way to meet and share tips with allergenistas, and includes a fabulous gift bag filled with allergen-free swag….all for $50!

Space is limited and requires advance reservations.
Click here to get your tickets today.

First Course
Crispy white polenta, grilled eggplant petals, ceci,
pickled celery, dehydrated picholine olives

Second Course
Fennel dusted chicken thighs, Quinoa cream,
watermelon radish, fennel salad, tomatillo sauce

Third Course
Angus tenderloin, short rib, napa cabbage &
bacon roll, smoked white runner beans

Cupcakes from

Guide to menu:
Ceci - chickpeas
Picholine olives - The Picholine is best known as a cocktail olive, though it is also used to make olive oil.
Cream - a mixture of pureed onions to give quinoa a creamy consistency.
Tomatillo sauce – Tomatillos are green tomatoes most commonly found in Mexican dishes
White runner beans - Larger than limas, slightly irregular in shape, these beans are creamy and sweet for soups, salads or as a side dish.

To top it all off, our friends from SWIRLZ are providing their deliciously decadent, allergen-free signature cupcakes. What a great way to wrap-our 2009 Safe & Sound Dinner series!

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YUM! Can't wait to taste the chef's creations!