Monday, October 19, 2009

Lisa’s October Hot Picks

Ok, these hot picks go together…

I have had the flu for the past week and found myself watching way more than my share of TV with little appetite to speak of. As I started to feel better, I began craving something sweet. So I took a look at some of the product I had left over from our last Safe & Sound Dinner and happily found a sample of Fast & Fresh’s Minute Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix, I hadn’t tried this flavor yet. It’s a really neat product, your kids could even make it on their own, it only requires water, mixing and a microwave, I also had some Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Vanilla Frosting.

Now both products are good, especially when you have dietary restrictions, but the two together were just wonderful, I felt like I was eating a freshly baked cinnamon roll! Give it a try next time your sweet tooth kicks in, but beware allergenistas with egg allergies, this cake mix has egg in it!

You can buy Fast &Fresh products online or at American Health Foods, in Oak Lawn. Cherrybrook Kitchen products are available online and at Whole Foods, some Jewels and local health food and allergen friendly stores.

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Betsy said...

Oh yum!

It's funny you should mention American Health Foods. I was just there on Saturday to buy some vitamins. I checked out their gluten free selection and I saw those!