Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Great Hotel to Stay at When Traveling with Food Allergies

My apologies to my favorite allergenistas, two weeks of training for my new job has kept me out of the kitchen from making new recipes. Notice the little burners in the kitchen in my room; I made fajitas last week and the room still smells of onion and garlic! I did want to share with you the wonderful experience I have had at Staybridge Suites in Columbia, Maryland. I filled out a comment card stating that they needed to have more options for people with food allergies and celiac disease. I got a call today, from their Director of Sales, Alicia Smith, she offered to drive me to the grocery store, so that I could pick out foods that were safe for me to eat and even paid the bill! It was really above and beyond. I showed Alicia some options to buy to have on hand in the future for other guests that have allergies, she was very happy to learn how to accommodate us allergenistas! I would encourage you to stay at these hotels, make sure you call in advance so they can prepare for your visit.

Chef Kurt is finalizing the menu for the Safe & Sound and should have the menu to me on Thursday (you can’t rush a masterpiece!), there are only 45 seats available at this restaurant, so don’t delay registering for this special event.

Join us at The Landmark Grill & Lounge on February 9th for our 1st Safe & Sound Dinner of 2010

Here is what other allergenistas are saying about Safe & Sound Dinners….

“Coming to a Safe & Sound Dinner is an incredible experience for anyone with food allergies. To have dinner in a restaurant without worry is a gift, and the food served is incredible. The dinner I enjoyed at BOKA was easily the best meal I've eaten in seven years since my diagnosis! What truly sets Safe & Sound Dinners apart is the company at the table. By the end of a shared meal filled with personal food stories, chatting about favorite products and moaning with pleasure while eating wonderful allergy-free food, you will have a full stomach and new friends.” -Jenn Sutherland

“The dinner at BOKA was wonderful in so many ways. The menu was excellent and well rounded. I loved each dish for different reasons and ending on my favorite Swirlz cupcakes was the best. Having the chef come out and speak was a real treat. His food was simple and full of flavor. I am so excited for the next Safe and Sound Dinner in the New Year.”

- Jenni F.

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Betsy said...

Are you kidding me?!@ What FANTASTIC customer service! That is so sweet that she took the time to learn more about food allergies. It's great to know that their company cares.

I'm so excited for the Safe and Sound dinner! Already have my ticket! See you there...