Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Landmark Menu Warms Up Chicago Allergenistas During Blizzard

Oh, the weather outside was frightful, but the Safe & Sound Dinner at Landmark was delightful! Last night, Chef Kurt and the team at Landmark Grill & Lounge wowed our group of allergenistas with the hearty, flavorful food that this Chicago hotspot is well known for. Some of the many items on the menu included roasted beet salad with a balsamic emulsion and frisee salad, topped with jalapeno oil, grilled flank steak with roasted cipollini onion and balsamic reduction and smoked brussel sprouts served with bacon. Chef even made homemade crackers to go along with our lamb rillette. What I really enjoy about Chef Kurt’s food is that I always leave enjoying a new food, the cipollini onions are something I haven’t used much, but sure plan to now; the sweetness of this onion complimented the flank steak perfectly. I also was one of those kids that refused to eat brussel sprouts. Please don’t tell my mom, but she was right, they are heavenly…ala Landmark! I went over the menu one more time before the dinner with Chef Kurt and he was explaining how he enjoyed preparing this meal and looked forward to meeting the needs of the allergen public. For the best meal, Chef recommends calling a few days in advance, so he can have all the ingredients on hand to accommodate your dietary needs.
After we thought we couldn’t eat another bite, out come the SWIRLZ CUPCAKES, and chocolate nirvana was achieved! Pam Rose brought Jerry Korab to the dinner, the creator and baker of the decadent vegan gluten free double chocolate cupcake, topped with a layer of german chocolate, coconut topping and chocolate vegan frosting. He loved meeting with everyone and really got to see how much his gluten free creations mean to us allergenistas, thanks so much SWIRLZ, you really do make us happy with your wonderful cupcakes!

What can I say about the gift bag, except that it was filled to the max with wonderful allergen free swag, a great way to work off the calories, lugging it to your car! Please don’t feel left out if you can’t make it to the dinners, I have some extra treats I want to share and am working out the details how… stay tuned!

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Betsy said...

As always...great dinner, Lisa! Everything was delicious, the restaurant was so chic, and chit chatting with all of the other allergenistas was great!