Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gluten Free Faces Pot Luck Luncheon Cook Book

Our first meet and greet was a huge success with great food, company and conversation. Please enjoy our cookbook featuring recipes served that day. All of my recipes are free of the Big Bad 8 Allergens and Gluten, please read the other recipes to make sure they are safe for your family.

Click here to download our cookbook.

The excitement for the May 4th Safe & Sound Dinner at Perennial is growing, we just have a few seats left, don’t miss out on Chef Poli’s wonderful menu. SWIRLZ cupcakes announced their special flavor for the dinner - Chocolate/Amarena Cherry, can I hear a big YUM?

Here is what savvy allergenistas are saying about Safe & Sound Dinners…

“Coming to a Safe & Sound Dinner is an incredible experience for anyone with food allergies. To have dinner in a restaurant without worry is a gift, and the food served is incredible. The dinner I enjoyed at BOKA was easily the best meal I've eaten in seven years since my diagnosis! What truly sets Safe & Sound Dinners apart is the company at the table. By the end of a shared meal filled with personal food stories, chatting about favorite products and moaning with pleasure while eating wonderful allergy-free food, you will have a full stomach and new friends.”

-Jenn Sutherland

“Safe & Sound Dinners is an absolutely delightful and stress-free dining experience! For those of us with intolerances, allergies and Celiac disease, eating at our favorite restaurants can take a lot of work. Lisa has taken all of that work and preparation out of the dining experience for me, so I can sit back and enjoy an amazing meal. Bring your family and friends with or without allergies to the dinners and they will enjoy this as much as you do! It doesn't hurt that you get at some of Chicago's best restaurants on an affordable prix fixe menu. I can't wait to see what Lisa picks next. I'm so there.”

- Alexandra T.

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